October 20th 2014 Serena Wang will participate a concert at the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall in Moscow
Concert Programs
(1) Piano for four hands
1 Piano Sonata K421 Movement 1 (Four hands)  W.A.Mozart
2 Days of Jolly (Four Hands)                 Chu Wang Hua
Pianos: Serena Wang, Bai En Nian
(2) Piano Solo
1 Piano Sonata in G major Hob/XVI:25  Joseph Haydn
2 Music Discovery No.        Gyorgy Legetti
piano: Cai Hui Ping
(3) Piano Solo
Allegro concerte   Granados
Piano: Bai En Nian
(4) Piano Solo
La Leggierezza in f minor from Etudes de concert  Franz List
Impressions of Eight Sketches of Water Paintings
Piano: Serena Wang
(5) Piano Solo
Etudes for piano Op.10 (1,2,3,4) Op.25(6)
Piano: Bai En Nian
(6) Piano Solo
ABEGG Variations Op.1  Robert Schumann
Perpetuum Mobile      C.M.V. Weber
Piano: Serena Wang
(7) Piano Solo
Une Bargue sur l¨oc└an   Morice Ravel
Pi Huang              Zhang Zhao
Piano: Cai Hui Ping
(8) Piano for six hands
Rondo in G major  Op.129  Ludwig Van Beethoven