Serena Wang blasts the International Chinese Spring Festival Gala Concert of 2014
Jointly organized and presented by Hong Kong Phoenix TV and NCPA(National Center for Performing Arts)in Beijing, the International Chinese Spring Festival Gala Concert ¡°Auspice brought by dragon and phoenix¡±will be staged gloriously tonight at NCPA concert hall in Beijing, featuring a team of stars including Huang Ying(soprano),Jiang Ke Mei(Erhu),LiBiao(percussionist),Liao Chang Yong(baritone),Lu Si Qing(violinist),Qin Li Wei(cellist),Serena Wang(pianist)and Zhang Wei Liang(Chinese bamboo flute), each in collaboration with NCPA orchestra under the baton of maestro Lu Jia.
Mr.Xu Gehui,Mr.Dou Wentao,Ms.Wei Chilinjia and Mr.Tian Chuan will be the hosts of the concert to be live televised from 10:00 p.m. worldwide through Phoenix TV in many different languages.
New Year¡¯s Greetings from Excellent Chinese Performing Artists and Singers
Hailed as the most celebrated new year concert in the Chinese speaking world, the Phoenix TV New Year¡¯s Gala Concert started in 2008 enters its 7th yearly show. This yearly eventful concert is world known for presenting the best and the most popular Chinese singers and performing artists from home and broad. Most Chinese households know the following names the conductor Lu Jia, soprano Huang Ying, Erhu player Jiang Kemei, percussionist Li Biao, baritone Liao Chang Yong and violinist Lu Siqing. They will produce a wonderful concert show tonight, which can be viewed worldwide.
Youngest of the stars, Serena Wang, a piano angel
In the previous new year gala concert, young pianists like Yujia Wang, Sa Chen, Jujing, Lang Lang and Haochen Zhang were all invited. In the 2014 new year concert, the pianist invited is the nine year old Serena Wang. Serena Wang started her piano learning at the age of four, she was only five when she became the youngest winner of the Piano Competition for Bach¡¯s keyboard music in February 2010 at the Berkeley University USA. In the same year, she won the first prize of the junior group of a piano competition hosted by California All Chinese Music Teachers Association. In July 2010, Serena Wang won the gold medal of the category 5-6 years old of Gulangyu Piano Competition in Xiamen. In the same year, Serena Wang became the student of professor Dan Zhao Yi, a Chinese piano pedagogue. On 11th of November 2012, the eight year old Serena Wang gave her first solo and concerto concert in the Nier Concert Hall of Sichuan Conservatory of Music. In 2013, Serena Wang recorded her first CD in Holland with the famous quality record label Channel Classics. This CD is to be released worldwide through Channel Classics¡¯ distribution network. This young music prodigy will play Beethoven¡¯s Piano Concerto No.1 in collaboration with NCPA orchestra conducted by maestro Lu Jia.
Serena Wang has her own piano idol as she claims is Yujia Wang. She was so excited that she is granted such an opportunity of giving concert on the same stage where her idol once played. Serena said:¡± when I played the Beethoven Piano concerto no.1 for the first time, I was a bit nervous and timid and now I am in a good command of it, I feel much more confortable to play it now. I want to show my great gratitude to Mr. Xu Pei Dong, a famous Chinese composer, who introduces to this concert.